Who is Curran Travel, Inc.

It is with great pleasure that we offer you our exciting destinations for 2021. Our combined office staff has over 75 years of experience in planning and presenting senior travel experiences.

Developing new and interesting adventures each year for our groups has always been an exciting challenge for us. Many of our tours originate from our own personal experiences through travels of our own, while many have been the result of requests from group leaders and their members for fascinating and creative trips they have always dreamed of doing.

Our goal each year is to make trips available by land, sea & or air for all senior groups. Not only in this great country, but around the world. We offer a wide range of destinations for all types of interest. Single day excursions, like dinner theatres, New York shows, casino visits, and fabulous cultural sites. We even offer our very own show productions in some of your favorite Atlantic City Casinos.

Our overnight programs offer wonderful destinations by luxury motorcoach, cruise ships or by air.

Over the past few years, we have seen that many groups are unable to travel as they used to, as their club membership is growing smaller. We have therefore, created a selection of trips designed especially for such groups. You will see them listed in our motorcoach overnight section under the "1 for 12" trips. This allows a minimum of 12 paying passengers (the 13th passenger will be complimentary at the double rate) to join other smaller groups allowing them to take advantage of great travel experiences with fewer members and yet affordable prices.

For those clubs that do not wish to share a motorcoach with another group, you will see that we offer overnight trips with minimums as low as 25 paying passengers.

We have learned over our many years in this industry, that the best thing we can do for our seniors is to grow and change along with the times therefore allowing more seniors the opportunity to travel. We have done this with designing several trips based on smaller numbers of passengers to make this possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning the trips you see here or even one you don't. We always look forward to customizing trips that offer new and different experiences.

We thank all of our present travelers and those of you who will travel with us in the future for giving us the opportunity to make your travel dreams come true.

Any member of our staff will be happy to answer your travel questions.